Herd Genetics

Our breeding program is simple. We select genetics that will benefit our commercial customers. Our criteria for selecting herd sires starts with:

  • Calving ease
  • Disposition
  • Competitive growth

While selecting for these traits, our goal is to keep a moderate mature size. We keep and develop all of our own replacements so we demand fertility and udder quality.

Sally’s five daughters grew up helping with the cow herd so disposition has always been a very important trait. If one of our cows acts up, she’s gone.

Our customers often seek to use the Charolais breed because of the high-growth and muscle it can provide. Our bulls deliver on both of those traits. The bulls are developed in large pastures with the goal of maintaining their soundness and athletic ability. Angell Charolais bulls complement British cows, adding thickness and growth to provide head-turning feeder calves.

Herd Management

Currently, Angell-Thomas Charolais has 150 females. We have both a spring and fall calving herd.

Bull Development

The solid foundation gained from our genetic selections provide user-friendly bulls. Our bulls are grown and developed after weaning at our home. They are grown slowly and not pushed to hard. The bulls have several acres to exercise and roam.

We don’t sell spoiled bulls; we manage them on our farm just like you will at yours. Our goal is to sell bulls that will perform, not melt down.