We currently have a group of 16 month old Bulls. We will have another group of yearling bulls this Spring.

Give us a call at 573-682-7348 for details. 


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We are pleased with our offering and we think you will feel the same way! Our bulls are genetically stacked, and their breeding comes from proven AI sires and sons of reputable AI sires. We are proud of the mothering ability of our cows. Therefore, we continue our practice of not using supplemental creep feed. This year we will be offering approximately 20 to 25 bulls. Several of them are Charolais Red Angus composite bulls. These bulls are working well
for our commercial producers and we were pleased with the performance of all our bulls this summer. The bulls are in good condition and are ready to go to work for you.

Open Heifers

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There has been strong demand for our open Charolais Red Angus heifers in the past. We will be offering 18 of our best Charolais Red Angus composite heifers this year. These heifers will be open and ready to breed to the bull of your choice this fall. Reproductive track scores and pelvic measurements will be provided on sale day. If you are looking to add a few replacement heifers to your herd, these girls will get the job done!



Bred Heifers

Click here for data on Angell-Thomas Charolais Spring Bred Heifers

We will be offering a total of 20 bred heifers. The group includes 13 cream heifers, six smokey heifers and one red heifer. Our females were sorted and selected prior to breeding based on disposition, reproductive tract score and pelvic measurements. The heifers were vaccinated with their pre-breeding shots and dewormed with LongRange. All of the bred heifers are either home raised or Angell-Thomas Charolais genetics.
The black-nose heifers were AI bred to the Angus bull Surefire. The cream and red heifers were AI bred to the Red Angus bull Redemption with the exception of two cream heifers which were bred to Surefire. All the heifers were pasture exposed to the calving ease Red Angus bull Mead Merlin U069. The heifers were pregnancy checked on July 26th, 2021. We will be sorting the heifers into groups of two or three according to AI status, and the sex of their calves. Breeding information is available on the website and will also be available sale day.